When using appropriate accessories the ultrasound application will be improved and the oscillating tank and parts to be cleaned will bei protected.

Insert baskets

During the ultrasonic cleaning process the parts to be cleaned or vessels must not be placed on the tank bottom, as it could arise abrasion between the parts and the tank itself due to the vibration of the transducers . Therefore it is recommended to use an appropriate cleaning basket. The BANDELIN cleaning baskets are constructed so that the part to be cleaned is always in the optimum range of cavitation ( 1-2 cm from the bottom ) during the ultrasonic process . using a basket allows a comfortable placement of the parts to be cleaned in the bath and removal after cleaning, to rinse the cleaned part, without getting in contact with the cleaning or disinfecting liquid.

Further information are available in the table of measurements of the insert baskets.

Matching insert baskets can be found in the data sheet of the ultrasonic bath.


A suitable lid for an ultrasonic bath protects the cleaning liquid from contamination and prevents odors from the cleaning or disinfecting liquid . Moreover, possibly as annoying perceived noise emission during the operation of the ultrasonic cleaner are reduced. The covers are designed so that any condensation is directed back into the ultrasonic bath .

Matching lids can be found in the data sheet of the ultrasonic bath.

Desinfection and cleaning solutions 

An overview about the cleaning solutions as well as solutions for simultaneous cleaning and desinfection can be found on the certain info pages.

Insert beaker and tubs for the indirect ultrasonic cleaning.

In case of the use of a cleaner or solvent reacting aggressive to stainless steel (eg TICKOPUR J 80 U), a suitable plastic insert tub or an insert beaker made of glass or plastic are required to protect the cleaning unit. Because the beakers must not be placed on the tank bottom, BANDELIN offers matching positioning lids for receiving the beakers. A further advantage of using several beakers in an ultrasonic device is the possibility of the coexistence of different cleaning and disinfecting solutions without changing the bath. (eg removal of dental cements with STAMMOPUR Z and disinfection and cleaning of instruments with STAMMOPUR DR 8 in the dental practice)

Matching beakers and plastic insert tubes can be found in the data sheet and in the table of measurements of the selected device.

Please note that for the transmission of the ultrasound to the tub/beakers the surface tension of water must be reduced and therefore a cleaning solution (eg TICKOPUR R 33-3%) should be used as a coupling liquid / contact liquid.

Holder for laboratory flasks as fixing aid 

In order to ensure proper sample preparation, appropriate prerequisites for laboratory work must be created.
Samples are to be homogenised, extracted or degassed quickly and reliably for subsequent analysis in laboratory vessels of various shapes and sizes. Fastening is often a special challenge. For this reason, BANDELIN has expanded the product range with new accessories: practical holders for laboratory flasks for fixing them into insert baskets for ultrasonic baths. Without effort and additional tools, the holder for laboratory flasks can be precisely fitted so that the sample preparation can take place without problems. In addition to the previously known spring clamp EK, BANDELIN now offers an alternative for the basket sizes K 10/K 10 B and K 28/K 28 C:

ZF 10 for basket K 10/K 10 B – 5 holders for laboratory flasks 155 mm each and 3 holders for laboratory flasks 215 mm each
ZF 28 for basket K 28/K 28 C – 9 holders for laboratory flasks 215 mm each and 4 holders for laboratory flasks 420 mm each

The holders for laboratory flasks are available in three different lengths and can be mounted as a longitudinal and cross divider quickly and simply by means of small hooks at every position of the edge of the. The user can thus determine the size individually depending on the flask shape and size (10 - 250 ml) and does not need any further tools. The stability of the lab flasks is guaranteed in this way. In no time, the division size can be changed by hand. A suitable connection to the contact liquid and thus loss-free ultrasound transmission into the sample to be treated is ensured.

In order to continue to ensure the 2/3-level in the SONOREX ultrasonic bath and to avoid flooding the laboratory flasks, we recommend the GV 10 handle adjustment.

The most important information about holder for laboratory flask are available as advertising flyer  and press release (text and pictures):

Advertising flyer holder for laboratory flasks PDF download
Press folder for holder for laboratory flasks PDF download

SONOREX TECHNIK Peripheripherals

For the expansion of the industrial ultrasonic baths from the SONOREX TECHNIK program we offer suitable peripherals such as lifting devices , filtration units and oil separator as an accessory.

A wide range of additional branch-specific accessories can be found in our branch brochures.