High power ultrasonic generators

High power ultrasonic transducer systems are operated with powerful generators. The microprocessor controlled
LG generators deliver the required HF power up to a range of 9000 Watt.

Modular structure
All modules of the LG generator can be easily inserted or exchanged from the front. The generator is set up by the operating modules SM 3 or PRO 3. Power is controlled via power modules M.

In order to increase the generator‘s power, additional power modules can be easily inserted into vacant slots. Mixed installation of modules with different frequencies (25 or 40 kHz) is possible. Ultrasonic transducers of other manufacturers can be connected to the power modules as well.

IP67 generator type SG 1510


- Ultrasonic nominal output 1,500 W max.
- Exterior dimensions l × w × h: 450 × 265 × 240 mm
- RS232 interface

Combined with an immersible transducer, the generator is an optimal ultrasound retrofit solution for cleaning baths

TG 1503

HF-Power from 1500 to 3000 W

Compact design for installation in a standard cabinet.

Optional accessories for angle- or DIN rail mounting available.

The power of the generator is preseted by factory and can be changed over the RS232 interface, eg by an existing PLC.

Projecting advices

LG 1510T

HF-Power from 1000 to 3000 Watt.

Projecting advices

LG 6040 F

HF-Power from  1000 to 6000 Watt.

Also available as 19”-plug-in unit for electrical cabinet.

Projecting advices

LG 9060 D

HF-Power from 1000 to 9000 Watt
Also available as 19”-plug-in unit for electrical cabinet.

Projecting advices

M 1003

Keypart of every generator are uniform power modules up to 1500 W equipped with an on-board microprocessor
for exact control of all working parameters.

- LEDs indicate the working condition 
- Module switch for individual activation of separate power modules
- Power deviation ± 2 %
- Protected against idle m

Maximal HF-Output each:
M 1003 = 1000 W
M 1503 = 1500 W


Steuermodul SM 3

Control of the generators with the included SM 3-module or the optional PRO 3-module

The Quick-Connect-Technology allows a safe connection of the HF-cable to the generator.

TG 50/100

HF power up to 500 W Ultrasonic frequency 40 kHz or 25 kHz