FA 610

To filter cleaned off particles.

OX 500

For agglomeration of oils and greases, to extend the service life of the bath.


The elctrical oscillation device MO allows the automatic basket movement in cleaning and rinsing tanks of the modualr program SONOREX TECHNIK RM 16 / RM 40

Lifting device MB with oscillation

The oscillating movement intensifies the ultrasonic cleaning effect and the rinsing.

Compatible to RM / ZM 110 to 212

WA 500

Produces DI-water continously for non-residue rinsing.

TO 110

To dry cleaned parts after rinse.

The trough dryer is available in four different sizes. The dimensions are adapted to the SONOREX TECHNIK RM and SONOREX TECHNIK ZM ultrasonic cleaners.

Tank rack WG

WG 110

The tank racks WG are necessary for moving with the lifting device MB.

Lifting device MB with oscillation
for RM 16 - RM 75

Lifting device MB with oscillation
from RM 110 / ZM 112