SONOPULS Ultrasonic homogenizers 


Emulsification - homogenizing - suspending - cell disruption -degassing - accelerating reactions - sonochemistry

Fields of application:

  • Disruption of cells, bacteria, virus, tissue
  • Production of emulsions
  • Homogenization of substances
  • Sample preparation for HPLC
  • Degassing of fluids
  • Sample preparation for particle size analysis
  • Acceleration of chemical reactions
  • Waste-water analysis

For more informations visit our page about the ultrasonic homogenizers in laboratory use, check our laboratory catalogue and our flyer comparison ultrasonic homogenizers.



Unit for small volumes

Ready-to-operate for volumes
from 0.5 ml to 25 ml.

HD 2070

Simple standard unit for lab routine

Ready-to-operate basic equip ment for volumes from 2 ml to 900 ml.

HD 3100

Extended functionality for research and pilot plant stations

Ready-to-operate for volumes from
2 ml to 2500 ml

HD 4100

New technology for lab routine

Ready-to-operate basic equipment for volumes
from 0.5 ml to 250 ml.

Accessoires for the multiple applications of the SONOPULS units.