68 trade brands
79 patents/utility models
over 1 million delivered units

Third generation 2014


Jochen Bandelin joins the company as process engineer.

Installation of a solar energy plant 2009

A solar energy plant is installed on the factory roof. The produced electricity is used in the production.

Market launch of the ultrasonic tube reactors 1998

With the new ultrasonic tube reactors an efficient use of the ultrasonic technology in process technology becomes possible. today the reactors are used for homogenization of emulsions, germ elemination in fish farming or for the mechanical desintegration to increase the biogas yield in biogas plants.


Variable constant line hf-generators

BANDELIN takes the launch of variable and constant line hf generators. The generator technology is constantly developed further in the following years and can maintain its market leadership through numerous innovations permanently.

Second generation 1985

Stefan Bandelin joins the company after his graduation from the Technischen Universität Berlin as an electrical engineer.

Company expansion 1984

The BANDELIN ultrasound technology becomes used in more and more areas for cleaning and mechanical desintegration. Due to the significant increase in sales, the production capacity is doubled at the site with an extension of the building. About 100 employees are engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of the products.


Foundation of the BANDELIN electronic KG 1971

The existing companies are transferred to the newly established company BANDELIN electronic KG.


New company site 1965


The ever increasing demand for ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the reprocessing of medical devices exceeds all expectations. A new, much larger company building is based at the present location in the Heinrichstraße, Berlin Lichterfelde,

Production of ultrasonic devices since 1955

With technological advances, it is possible to produce high-performance ultrasonic baths for cleaning jewelery and watches. These cleaners are initially produced two small company locations in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


Foundation of the TICK-O-GRAF 1954

Wilhelm Bandelin starts the series production of measuring instruments for determining the accuracy of mechanical movements in watches and establishes the TICK-O-GRAF W. Bandelin KG

Foundation of the RADIOLUX GmbH 1946

Wilhelm Bandelin establishes the Radiolux GmbH for the manufacture and repair of radio equipment in Berlin-Kreuzberg.