Environmental protection

Our ultrasonic devices are made in high quality for long life.

We are constantly looking for solutions to increase energy and material efficiency in production.

 An increasing amount of the electricity needed for the production, is generated by reneable ressources and highly efficient technologies.

The following is an excerpt from our diverse projects:

Solar Power

The solar panels on our company roof with a total output of 54 kW produce almost 20% of the total electricity demand of the company.
During weekends, the excess electricity is fed into the grid of Berlin and increases the share of renewables in the network.
Many of the modules are mounted in southern direction and provide the most power during noon. About half of the modules are oriented towards south-east and south-west and permit an efficient use of the sun in the morning and in the afternoon. Thus solar power can be used for production over a wide range of day.

LED retrofit

For further reduction of the electricity demand in the production we have replaced the most energy consuming lights by LED lights.

With this step, we can reduce the power demand of a lamp of the same brightness by more than 50%. Altogether this means a reduction of the overall consumption of more than 10%.

In addition, we will increase the use of motion sensors and daylight-dependent control of the lamps and will save even more energy.

Combined heat and power

During the winter months we generate electricity with a natural gas engine and use the waste heat for the heating of the factory building and to provide hot water.

With an electrical output of 50 kW, the CHP covers more than 17% of the  annual electricity demand and 50% of the heat demand of the company.

At very low temperatures our highly efficient gas boiler is activated automatically and ensures constantly pleasant temperatures.

Hosting web presence with green energy

In order to reduce the use of conventional energy sources, the servers of this website are operated on our behalf by 100% certified green electricity.