Product information: STAMMOPUR

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PreparationImpuritiesType of applicationCleaning material
Instrument disinfection and intensive cleaning DGHM-certified concentrate
High blood dissolution, for heavily contaminated instruments with dried blood and encrusted secretions.Reprocessing of medical and dental instruments and accessories (e.g. MIS instruments, endoscope accessories, etc.)Metal also light metal, glass, porcelain, plastic, rubber etc.
Drill disinfection and cleaning DGHM-certified Ready for use
Amalgam residues, dentin chips, secretions etc.Preparation of small rotating dental instruments such as drills, burs, diamond cutters and nerve needlesMetal, glass, porcelain and plastic Not for alkali and alcohol-sensitive materials! Caution with light metals!
Instrument Intensive Cleaning Concentrate
High blood dissolving capacity, removes stubborn, dried impurities such as blood, secretions, etc.Cleaning of medical instruments and equipmentSuitable for all materials used in medicine.
Instrument basic cleaning concentrate
Tarnish, metal oxides, lime, incrustations and mineral residuesBasic cleaning of medical instruments, protective work equipment and diving equipmentStainless steel, precious metal, plastic, rubber. Not for aluminium, tin and zinc!
Plaster and Alginate Remover Ready to use
Plasters, alginates and some investmentsCleaning of instruments and devices in the dental field such as impression trays, dental tools and auxiliariesMetal also light metal, glass, porcelain and plastic
Intensive Instrument Cleaner Concentrate
High blood dissolving capacity, removes stubborn, dried impurities such as blood, secretions, sputum, grease, waxes, tissue residues, filling materials, grinding and polishing residues.Cleaning of dental instruments, devices and accessoriesSuitable for all materials found in the dental field. Not for light metals!
Cement remover and prosthetic cleaner. Concentrate
Cements (glass ionomer cements are not removed), calculus, temporary dental fillings, metal oxides, some investments and fluxes.Preparation of worn prosthetics and cement removal from instruments in the dental fieldStainless steel, precious metal, plastic, ceramic and rubber Not for light metals and damaged chrome plating!
Universal Instrument Cleaner Concentrate
Blood, secretions, sputum, grinding and polishing pastes, greases, waxes, tissue residues, filling materials, dentin chipsCleaning of instruments, devices, rotating small instruments in the dental fieldSuitable for all materials found in the dental field. Also for light metals and rotating small instruments.
Intensive instrument cleaning and disinfection. Concentrate
Contamination from the air, secretions, biofilms, soot, pigments, residues containing oil and grease, etc.Instruments, pipettes, respirators, protective goggles, laboratory accessories, etc.Suitable for parts made of metal (also light metal), glass, porcelain, plastic and rubber.

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