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Service life of working solutions of disinfection and cleaning preparations #


The service life of a used solution depends on the load.The load of a used solution varies individually and cannot be standardised. To be on the safe side, a new solution should be prepared daily according to the following quotations. According to the disinfectant list of the VAH/1 the following is stated:

"As a rule, disinfectant solutions must be renewed at least every working day. Longer periods of use are only permissible if the manufacturer can prove by expert opinion that the efficacy is maintained over a longer period of time even in the case of visible contamination with blood".

For STAMMOPUR DR 8 and STAMMOPUR 24, the service life of the used solution under load, which has been proven by experts, is 3 days./2.

/1 VAH = Verbund für angewandte Hygiene e. V. Publisher of the disinfectant list, which is a proven reference for efficacy-tested products for prophylactic disinfection. Status: 01.06.2016, mhp-Verlag

/2 Reviewer: Prof. Dr. Werner, 10/1999, Schwerin

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