Quality features for the comparison of ultrasonic cleaners

When purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner, there are a variety of suppliers and ultrasonic devices to choose from.

The manufacturer BANDELIN has been developing, producing and selling ultrasound devices for a wide variety of applications in medicine, the laboratory and industry since 1955. During this time, the ultrasonic devices have been continuously developed and are known for their particularly high product quality and durability.

On this page you will find an overview of some of the decisive quality features of BANDELIN ultrasound devices.

High-performance oscillating systems

Powerful oscillating systems are used in all BANDELIN ultrasonic units. Due to their high load capacity, these enable the best cleaning result and at the same time have a particularly long service life. Due to the optimised design and arrangement of the ultrasonic transducers, a homogeneous and intensive ultrasonic field is generated for thorough ultrasonic cleaning. The special intensity of the BANDELIN ultrasonic pans can be illustrated, for example, by the foil test. Here, a standard household aluminium foil is decomposed within a few seconds on a foil test frame in the cavitation field of the filled ultrasonic tank.

Robust housings and surfaces:

The housings of the BANDELIN ultrasonic cleaners are made of robust stainless steel. Compared to inferior plastic housings from other manufacturers, stainless steel housings offer the advantage of a hygienic surface in addition to mechanical stability. This is a particularly important quality feature for instrument reprocessing in medicine. But stainless steel enclosures also offer the best protection against aggressive media that can be introduced via the cleaning material when cleaning parts in industrial production or maintenance.

Welded bath spouts

The outlets for emptying the SONOREX ultrasonic units are firmly welded to the tank. This is made possible by an exceptional welding process and prevents leakage at the joints that are intensively exposed to ultrasonic vibrations. An inferior, leaky screw connection of the tub outlets can lead to flooding and destruction of the internal ultrasonic generator.

Repair friendliness

BANDELIN ultrasonic units are characterised by a robust design and a long service life. In the case of particularly intensive use, as with any technical device, ultrasonic devices can also be subject to wear, e.g. due to cavitation erosion. In case of a necessary repair, the units can be opened and repaired at the bottom of the housing by suitable qualified personnel by removing the bottom plate screws. Due to the modular design of the BANDELIN ultrasonic units, defective components can be replaced without any problems. BANDELIN keeps a wide range of spare parts for the repair service, also for already discontinued product series.

Energy efficiency

The BANDELIN ultrasonic generators for generating the high-frequency voltage have been optimised over many years of development work to achieve a particularly high transducer efficiency of over 90%. Compared to ultrasonic cleaners from other manufacturers, BANDELIN ultrasonic units therefore use the electrical energy particularly efficiently to generate cavitation and a stronger ultrasonic field can be generated with the same current consumption from the mains.

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