SONOPULS LS 40 noise protection box


Optimum noise reduction
Integrated ventilation
Built-in lighting
Easy cleaning due to stainless steel lining
Viewing window for process observation

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The LS 40 noise protection box is used to reduce the noise level generated when sonicating liquids. The sonication process can be observed through the large Plexiglas window in the robust door (1). The ultrasonic transducer is used both during direct sonication with sonotrodes and during indirect sonication by means of a beaker resonator or sonication beaker completely in the noise protection box with the aid of a holding frame (e.g. HG 40). The sample vessels can be positioned directly in the collection tray or on the perforated plate above. An anti-slip mat is included to prevent slipping and tipping. If required, adjustable collecting tables (e.g. scissor table) can also be placed directly in the sound box. For a flow-through sound system, external cooling or the use of a temperature sensor
there is an opening (2) on the back of the noise protection box for the passage of hoses or cables. On the right-hand side there is a push-button (3) for simultaneous start-up of the lighting and the ventilation system.

- Noise reduction by approx. 30 dB (AU)
- LED interior lighting and acrylic glass window for process monitoring
- Removable drip tray; made of stainless steel, easy to clean
- Stainless steel insert in the interior easy to wipe clean
- Closable opening at the back allows the passage of the
of lines and hoses for the construction of a cooling or
Pump circuit or connection of a temperature sensor
- Venting system to reduce process-related moisture formation
- Door opening angle 180° for easier sample handling
- Sufficient space for direct and indirect applications by using
of the holding frame HG 40 and further optional accessories

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