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To check an ultrasonic bath
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For the testing of an ultrasonic cleaner, a foil test (aluminium foil test) according to IEC 886 is recommended at initial commissioning and after the corresponding operating time at regular intervals (e.g. ¼-yearly). The effect of ultrasonic baths is determined by the intensity and distribution of the process-typical cavitation in the oscillating tank. The foil test is a simple procedure to show the intensity and distribution of cavitation in an ultrasonic cleaner. For this purpose, an inserted aluminium foil is perforated or destroyed by cavitation to a certain degree, depending on the time period.
The slides can be archived in a suitable way (scan, photo, etc.). Comparison of the foils is thus possible at any time. The perforated or perforated areas of the films should have approximately the same extension and distribution - they are never congruent. A process check, e.g. for the reprocessing of medical devices, can only be achieved through regular film tests.
The choice of wire frame depends on the size of the ultrasonic cleaner. The wire frames are designed for a wide range of tank dimensions. For the test procedure, aluminium household foil is additionally required, this is not included in the scope of delivery.

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