Insert cup with lid and rubber ring


For chemically aggressive liquids
Different cleaning solutions in an ultrasonic bath
Reduction of the volume contaminated during cleaning

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Plastic, 600ml, to hang in perforated lid EN.
Use when using a cleaning agent or solvent that is aggressive for stainless steel (e.g. TICKOPUR J 80 U) is necessary to protect the cleaning device. Because the insert vessels must not be placed on the bottom of the tank, BANDELIN offers suitable perforated lids to hold the insert vessels. Another advantage of using several insert vessels in one ultrasonic unit is the possibility of using different cleaning and disinfection preparations at the same time without changing the bath. (e.g. removal of dental cements with STAMMOPUR Z and disinfection and cleaning of instruments with STAMMOPUR DR 8 in the dental practice).

Please note that in order to transmit the ultrasound to the insert vessel, the surface tension of the water must be reduced and therefore a cleaning solution (e.g. TICKOPUR R 33 3%) must be used as coupling liquid / contact liquid.

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