SONOREX TECHNIK HA 110 Planing head fixture


Safe handling of the planing heads
Targeted guidance through the intensive ultrasound field

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The planing head holder enables quick and thorough cleaning in the SONOREX TECHNIK ultrasonic bath without subsequent cleaning.
With the help of the motorised axis drive, the entire cutting surface is guided through the intensive ultrasonic field. This facilitates the reprocessing of the planing heads and greatly reduces the risk of injury compared with
manual cleaning. A suitable planing head holder can easily be retrofitted to an existing SONOREX ultrasonic bath. This leads to significant time and cost savings compared to manual cleaning.
Recommended cleaning preparation: TICKOPUR TR 13 or for light soiling: TICKOPUR R 33

Frame and planing head mounting axle are made of stainless steel 1.4301. The diameter of the planing head mounting axle is 1 (tube: Ø 33.7 × 3.2 mm), other mounting axles with Ø 20 50 mm can be used if required but must be provided by the customer and are not included in the scope of delivery.
The maximum total load is 80 kg. The speed of the drive roller is approx. 1 rpm.

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