SONOREX ZF 10 laboratory flask holder


Perfect positioning in the sound field
Optimal loading and unloading
Optimum use of space

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For fixing laboratory flasks in suspension baskets
Set consisting of 5 pcs. laboratory flask holders à 155 mm and 3 pcs. laboratory flask holders à 215 mm; stainless steel

In order to carry out smooth sample preparation, the appropriate conditions for laboratory work must be created. Samples should be homogenised, extracted or degassed quickly and reliably for subsequent analysis in laboratory vessels of various shapes and sizes.For this challenge, BANDELIN has developed practical holders for fixing laboratory flasks in suspension baskets for SONOREX ultrasonic baths. The holders guarantee the stability of the laboratory flasks during sonication. At the same time, they ensure optimum coupling of the samples to the contact liquid and thus low-loss ultrasound transmission into the sample to be sonicated.

The laboratory flask holders can be mounted quickly and easily as longitudinal and transverse dividers at any position on the basket rim by means of small hooks. The compartment size can be individually adjusted according to the flask shape and size (10 250 ml) and can be changed again in no time at all.
Without any effort or additional tools, the laboratory flasks can be inserted precisely so that sample preparation with ultrasound is safe and effective.

In order to ensure that the SONOREX ultrasonic bath continues to be filled at the optimum level and to avoid flooding of the laboratory flasks, we recommend the handle adjustment GV 10.

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