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Control unit for ultrasonic baths TRISON; right-hand version

During sonication, each instrument is individually enabled for rinsing and checked for flow by a patented system (DE 20 2006 020 523). Instruments that cannot be rinsed are reliably detected and indicated on the touch screen at the end of the process. The integrated process monitoring for determining, assigning and clearly displaying the successful rinsability of each individual instrument provides more safety during reprocessing.

Up to four robotic instruments are fixed on the TRISON Twist by a simple sliding mechanism - an additional basket is not necessary. The connection to the rinsing circuit is made via a two-pin plug per instrument.
With the help of the TRISON Rack basket, up to eight MIC instruments can be connected via the proven SONOMIC adapters for irrigation. The connection to the TRISON Base control unit is made quickly and without confusion via two multi-tube couplings.

The TRISON was specially developed for robotic instruments. However, MIS and standard instruments can also be cleaned effectively with the appropriate accessories. In order to best meet the respective cleaning requirements, a cleaning programme is available for each instrument type.

The TRISON contains a temperature sensor and checks whether the temperature of the bath fluid is within the permissible range before each cleaning cycle. To prevent protein coagulation, a warning message is displayed at a temperature of approx. 45 °C. If the temperature of the bath fluid is too low (< 16 °C), a warning message is also issued. Two interfaces are available on the TRISON for digital documentation and quality proofs. A USB interface enables simple and flexible data transfer via USB stick. Connection to e.g. a CSSD management software is possible via the Ethernet interface. The following are logged: Cleaning mode, temperature of the bath, evaluation of patency and much more.

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