TRISON TE 3000 oscillating tank


For long robotic instruments

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The TRISON ultrasonic oscillating tank with its dimensions is specially designed for very long robotic instruments. Due to the powerful ultrasonic oscillating systems distributed at the bottom and side, drive adapters, instrument shafts and the working tools at the tip are optimally reached by the ultrasound and possible sound shadows are avoided. The TRISON ultrasonic ultrasonic generator is equipped with SweepTec automatic frequency control to minimise standing waves and ensure the most homogeneous ultrasonic intensity distribution possible.
In the cleaning programme agreed with the manufacturer, robotic instruments are first soaked for approx. 30 min to dissolve or decompose organic residues. During the subsequent alternating suction and pressure rinsing with simultaneous ultrasound support, the control housing and shaft are rinsed for each instrument and checked for flow. Even stubborn contamination is thus reliably dissolved and removed.

TRISON TE 3000 oscillating tank with drain fitting

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