SONOBOARD MIC ultrasonic bath in functional cabinet, left version


Quick installation
Ready for connection
Patented suction rinsing principle
Reproducible programme sequence

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Functional cabinet for SONOMIC high-performance ultrasonic bath in stainless steel cabinet for cleaning MIS and standard instruments.

The ultrasound method is proven and firmly established in the cleaning of contaminated instruments in clinics and practices. It offers numerous advantages, such as the high cleaning effect in hard-to-reach places (bores, joints or grooves) with economical water, chemical and energy consumption. The instruments are spared and are available again more quickly. When using suitable preparations (e.g. STAMMOPUR DR 8), ultrasound can shorten the time of chemical disinfection through its catalytic effect.

The SONOBOARD stainless steel cabinets with built-in ultrasonic baths combine these advantages with the greatest possible flexibility and minimal installation effort. Before commissioning, only the power supply and the drain line need to be connected. Practical as a supplement to existing sink units or for individual use.

The double-walled stainless steel cabinets are equipped with surface-mounted fronts and all-round rubber seals on doors and panels. Their flexible positioning thanks to lockable castors, the ergonomic working height and the additional storage space make them a high-quality component of central sterile supply.
SONOBOARD offers high resilience to scratches and impacts and is extremely resistant to chemicals. The smooth stainless steel surfaces prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria and meet the highest hygiene requirements. Commissioning and operation are quick and easy.

SONOBOARD is supplied as a ready-to-use set; only the power supply and the drain pipe need to be connected before commissioning.

- Safety through patented individual instrument rinsing and testing
- Patented suction rinsing principle
- Patented universal adapter for instrument connection without changing seals
- Temperature and level monitoring
- Reproducible programme sequence

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