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Functional cabinet for TRISON high-performance ultrasonic bath in stainless steel cabinet for cleaning robotic MIC, and standard instruments.

The TRISON is a modular ultrasonic bath for the intensive (pre)cleaning of high-quality medical instruments with a special focus on complex da Vinci robotic instruments from the manufacturer Intuitive Surgical.

The combination of the listed methods of action optimises the cleaning process:

Contaminations at the distal end and in the lumen of the instruments, which are difficult to access, are thoroughly cleaned by gentle ultrasonic cavitation without damaging the instruments. In the process, only hard-to-reach or inaccessible places in the instrument are reached advantageously by hand, as ultrasound unfolds everywhere where bath fluid is present. Mechanical damage, such as scratches, is avoided (electronic brushing).

Instrument single movement
In the TRISON, the da Vinci robotic instruments are permanently moved during ultrasonic cleaning. This means that the dirty working tools, joints and also all cable pulls from the drive adapter to the tip of the instrument are effectively cleaned by ultrasound.

Suction-pressure flushing
da Vinci robotic instruments are exposed to alternating suction and pressure rinsing. Rinseable MIS instruments only with a suction rinse.

Individual instrument test
In the TRISON, robotic and MIS instruments are thoroughly rinsed and individually checked for flow during ultrasonic cleaning.
Clogged instruments are detected by the software and identified after reprocessing.

The advantages at a glance
- Improved cleaning through combination of ultrasound, rinsing and movement for robotic instruments
- Design adapted to robotic instruments
- Safety through individual instrument rinsing and testing
- Comfortable, ergonomic swivel arm operation
- Simple instrument connection
- for robotic instruments, but can also be used for rinsable MIC and standard instruments
- Temperature monitoring with warning function
- Protocol function
- Ergonomic, hygienic operation
- Flexible, space-saving arrangement at the workplace due to various mounting options

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