SONOCOOL SC 255.2 Ultrasonic bath with cooling for laboratory


Compact design
Long durability due to stainless steel V4A 2 mm
Level and temperature monitoring
Large display


Ultrasonic bath with cooling as a ready-to-use set for use in the laboratory consisting of: Ultrasonic bath SC 255.2, hanging basket K 5 SC and TICKOPUR TR 3 - 250 ml (contact liquid, concentrate.)

In pathology as well as in the analysis laboratory, ultrasound is now an integral part when it comes to fast diagnostics and high process efficiency. The SONOCOOL now combines the process-accelerating effect of ultrasound with simultaneous cooling of the samples.
In analytical laboratories, the catalytic effect of ultrasound can now also be used for heat-sensitive samples with SONOCOOL. Exothermic reactions remain controllable thanks to the cooling function, and process sequences are faster and more effective.

- Compact design, long durability due to welded tub made of stainless steel V4A 2 mm, glass lid for sample observation and easy cleaning, safety due to level monitoring, illuminated LCD display for indication of
Remaining time Actual temperature Pause/Diagnosis Set time/Set temperature Ultrasonic power.

Additional information

Order number

Inner dimension L [mm]

Inner dimension B [mm]

Inner dimension T [mm]

Capacity [l]

Work content [l]

Level marking

Level sensor

Tub material

Ultrasound frequency [Hz]

Tub thickness [mm]


Ultrasonic peak power [W]

Nominal ultrasonic power [W]

Power setting

Ultrasound frequency [kHz]


Vibrating systems


Temp. set. (C)

Cooling capacity [W]

Operating voltage [V]

Mains cable

Outer dimension length [mm]

Outer dimension width [mm]

Outer dimension height [mm]

Degree of protection housing


Net weight [kg]

Gross weight [kg]

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