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The SONOMIC ultrasonic bath was developed for the simultaneous reprocessing of up to 12 rinsable MIS instruments and is available as a table-top unit MC 1001 and as an ultrasonic bath for installation MC 1001 E.
The special advantage of the SONOMIC is that each instrument is cleaned and tested separately via its own adapter by repeated suction rinsing. When a suitable disinfectant is added (e.g. STAMMOPUR DR 8), chemical disinfection can also be carried out during cleaning. With the 12 identical adapters, rinsable MIS instruments with diameters from 3 to 10 mm can be connected without having to change the seal to adjust the size.
The innovative twisting principle of the adapter seals guarantees a complete seal on the outer shaft of the instruments. Repeated suction rinsing with ultrasound support at the distal end of the instrument removes contamination from the lumen against the direction of penetration, while at the same time fresh disinfection and/or cleaning solution flows in. The contamination cannot adhere to constrictions, e.g. in the area of the handle. Detached contamination from the instruments is retained in an easily accessible filter.
A check integrated in the programme sequence controls the continuity of each individual instrument. Instruments that do not pass are reliably identified. For quick draining of used bath fluid and complete emptying of the bath, the SONOMIC has an inclined tank bottom and a welded-in drain.
The unit is operated via a touch screen, which displays both the current process progress and the test result after completion of the cleaning. The user receives step-by-step operating instructions that guide him through the individual work steps in the operating programme.
Advantages through SONOMIC
Save time by simply connecting instruments with diameters from 3 mm to 10 mm to the identical adapters.
High user and patient protection through automatic check of the flushability for each of the connected instruments.
Instruments that cannot be flushed are reliably identified and individually displayed.
Repairs or replacement of the instruments due to sluggishness or blockages are prevented by regular removal of penetrated dirt.
Versatile use: In addition to the cleaning and chemical disinfection of rinsable MIS instruments, rinsable parts of other instruments can also be used.
(3 mm to 10 mm) or other medical instruments such as scissors, forceps (placed loosely in the basket) can be cleaned.
Simple and safe operation through process-oriented user guidance with clear operating instructions, status messages and assistance.
Reduce costs by reducing the time spent and the need for repairs or replacements.
For a high ultrasonic effect, only tested disinfection and cleaning preparations developed for this purpose may be used. BANDELIN recommends STAMMOPUR DR 8 (VAH-certified) for simultaneous instrument disinfection and intensive cleaning and STAMMOPUR R for exclusive intensive cleaning.

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