SONOPULS HD 5020 Homogeniser


More functionality
For volumes from 0.5-100 ml
Flexible application possibilities
Large display
Programme memory

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For volumes from 0.1 - 10 ml
Ultrasound Nominal power max. 20 W
- Ultrasound generator GM 5000
- Ultrasonic transducer UW 5020
- Sonotrode MS 1.5, Ø 1.5 mm
(for volumes 0.110 ml)

Homogenisers with amplitude control 10 to 100 % and actual value display, pulsation, AMPLICHRON® circuit (guarantees constant amplitude independent of changing conditions), integrated timer, remote control.
Areas of application
- Disruption of cells, bacteria, viruses, tissue (cell disruption)
- Production of finest emulsions
- Homogenising substances
- Degassing of liquids
- Sample preparation for particle size analysis
- Acceleration of chemical reactions

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Amplitude 4050 [micrometer]

Amplitude 4100 [micrometer]

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