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After almost three years of development, BANDELIN and LPW realised the first series-produced cleaning device that combines the advantages of ultrasonic and pulsed vacuum cleaning in a compact design. This allows highly effective cleaning processes to be realised economically even at low throughput rates. The uncomplicated set-up, low-maintenance operation and user-friendly operation make the universal compact unit even more efficient.

Versatile for cleaning in machining and additive manufacturing, reprocessing of complex laboratory equipment, medical device manufacturing and electronics.

Modern touch screen
Split screen for individual display of temperature and remaining programme time of the respective tub. The tubs can be activated individually or simultaneously via the quick function keys, Start and Stop. The tubs can be emptied at the touch of a button for convenient replacement of the bath fluid. After entering the password, individual process parameters such as the bath temperature and the programme run time can be configured. In addition, the vacuum, ultrasound and heating functions can be optionally deactivated for certain cleaning processes.

Lid with sight glass
Easy-to-operate hinged lid with gas struts for convenient opening and closing. The integrated sight glass enables direct process observation when setting up the unit. The sturdy design of the support arms ensures high durability under cyclic vacuum load. Due to its own weight, an initial tightness of the lid is achieved, which increases after activation of the vacuum. This ensures easy and safe operation.

Level sensor
During the cleaning process, the bath liquid evaporates continuously. Ensuring a sufficient fill level in the cleaning tank at all times is monitored by the capacitive fill level sensor. If the level falls below the minimum level, the cleaning process is interrupted, the heating is deactivated and a warning message is displayed.

The sloping tub bottom allows the tubs to be emptied without leaving any residue for replacing the used cleaning liquid. Rounded tub corners avoid the settling of dirt particles and facilitate the cleaning of the tubs. During the cleaning process, the tub is filled with 28 litres of cleaning solution up to the embossed filling mark. Above the filling mark is the suction opening for generating the vacuum in the chamber space. Due to the very high mechanical forces of the vacuum, the tubs are additionally provided with reinforcing elements from the outside.

Rubberised castor feet
The sturdy, lockable castor feet with a diameter of 10 cm enable easy transport to the unit's installation site. Furthermore, they ensure a secure stand on a wide variety of floor coverings.

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