Double-tub ultrasonic bath with pulsed vacuum


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Ultrasound and vacuum in one unit
For cleaning fine cavities


Effective cleaning using the CNp process (Cyclic Nucleation Process), a combination of ultrasonic and pulsed vacuum cleaning in one compact unit. For residue-free cleaning of complex components, capillary cavities, hoses or bulk material.
Versatile for cleaning in machining and additive manufacturing, reprocessing of complex laboratory equipment, medical device manufacturing and electronics.
With the compact unit, highly effective cleaning processes can be realised economically even at low throughput rates. The uncomplicated set-up, low-maintenance operation and user-friendly operation make the universal tool even more efficient.

Additional information

Weight 370 kg
Order number

Inner dimension L [mm]

Inner dimension B [mm]

Inner dimension T [mm]

Capacity [l]

Work content [l]

Tub material

Tub thickness [mm]

Shape of the tub corners


Tub floor

Ultrasonic peak power [W]

Nominal ultrasonic power [W]

Power setting

Ultrasound frequency [kHz]

Transducer number Tub bottom


Time setting [min]

Temp. set. (C)

Heat output [W]

Operating voltage [V]

Mains cable

Outer dimension length [mm]

Outer dimension width [mm]

Outer dimension height [mm]

Packing Length [mm]

Packing Width [mm]

Packing depth [mm]

Data sheet

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