Perfect supplement for RM and ZM ultrasonic baths
Reduction of operating costs through bath service life extension
Reduction of water changes
Integrated filter condition monitoring
Variable arrangement next to the cleaning bath


The FA filter unit is used to filter out dirt particles from the cleaning solution and enables the service life of the ultrasonic bath to be extended from a volume of 13 litres. The cleaning system is suitable for filtering aqueous cleaning media up to a maximum liquid temperature of 70 °C.

The filter unit FA consists of two filter housings made of polypropylene (PP) and a magnetically coupled centrifugal pump, which are mounted together on a bracket made of stainless steel sheet. The pre-filter serves to protect the pump from coarse contamination. The fine filter is used for depth filtration.
Further equipment includes a pressure switch, a ball valve, a switch box with ON button, a main switch and 2 metres of connection cable with earthing contact plug.

- The pressure switch switches off the pump when the fine filter is clogged. The fine filter can then be replaced.
- The ball valve can be used to adjust the flow rate.
- The pump of the filter unit must be below the liquid level of the tub.

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Weight 21 kg
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Perm. rel. hum. 31°C

Perm.rel. hum. 40°C

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