SONOREX TECHNIK MB 180.2 Lifting device


Ergonomic loading and unloading of the ultrasonic bath
Optimal rinsing of the dissolved soiling
Time control and status indication via display
Two-hand control for safe movement control
Facilitated component transport in cleaning lines


The lifting device makes work easier for the operator. It enables automatic oscillation into the cleaning or rinsing bath and facilitates the transport of the filled product baskets from tub to tub. The slow oscillating up and down movement increases the cleaning effect of the ultrasound and rinses off the dissolved dirt more effectively.
-The filled cleaning basket is hung manually in the lifting device. By switching the timer, the lifting device lowers the basket into the tub and automatically starts oscillation. After the timer has expired, the oscillation stops and the lifting device automatically lifts the basket out of the tub back into the starting position.

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Weight 65 kg
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Mains cable

Time setting

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movement function

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Outer dimensions H (mm)

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Overvoltage cat.

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Perm. ambient temp.

Perm. rel. hum. 31°C

Perm.rel. hum. 40°C

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