STAMMOPUR Z Cement Remover and Prosthetic Cleaner, concentrate


Specially designed for use in ultrasonic baths

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Cement remover and prosthetic cleaner
For instruments and devices in the dental field for ultrasound

At a glance
- Concentrate
- Removes cements and tartar
- Use only in the insert vessel
- For use in an ultrasonic bath
- Free from acetic and hydrochloric acid
- Acid pH 1.9 at 1 %
- Economical and user-friendly
- Biodegradable

STAMMOPUR Z is an acidic cement remover and prosthetic cleaner based on phosphoric acid. For cleaning dental instruments and worn prosthetics. Removes tartar, plaque, temporary fillings, some investment materials, metal oxides and flux residues. Some glass ionomer cements are not removed.

Material compatibility
STAMMOPUR Z is suitable for parts made of stainless steel, precious metals, ceramics, glass and plastic. Not for light metals and damaged chrome plating.

Instructions for use
STAMMOPUR Z is supplied as a concentrate and can easily be diluted with water of at least drinking water quality. Activating additives are not permitted.

Cleaning in an ultrasonic bath
5 % 2 - 10 minutes
Application only in the insert vessel
Sonication time as short as possible
When using in the ultrasound unit, the instructions of the ultrasound unit manufacturer must be observed.
Fill the oscillating tank of the ultrasonic bath with contact liquid, e.g. TICKOMED 1 (3 %) or STAMMOPUR DR 8 (2 %).

Put STAMMOPUR Z into an insert vessel (e.g. beaker or plastic hanging tray) and hang it into the ultrasonic bath. Ensure that the instruments are completely wetted. Insert hollow instruments in such a way that the air escapes completely from the cavities. After cleaning, rinse parts immediately under running water of at least drinking water quality or quality as recommended by the RKI and dry. Check instruments and/or prosthetics for cleanliness and function. Subsequent disinfection, sterilisation or final disinfection.

Hazard warnings
H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

Safety instructions
P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
P305+P351+P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
Remove existing contact lenses if possible. Continue rinsing.

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