Sonoreactor, 1000 W, 25 kHz


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High intensity sound field
Insensitive to clogging
Compact design


The BANDELIN tubular reactor enables the flow treatment of high volume flows in process engineering and is also used in wire cleaning. The vibrating systems are mounted on the outside of the reactor tube, which means that there is no need for internals inside the reactor tube. The tubular reactor is therefore particularly insensitive to clogging when sonicating substrates containing solids.

The main fields of application of the BANDELIN tubular reactor are:

- Ultrasonic intensive treatment of filamentous and ribbon-like products
- Support of industrial and biotechnological processes in purification, disintegration, degassing and deagglomeration
- Efficient cleaning of greases, oils, emulsions and/or crack residues during single and multi-wire cleaning
- CO2 degassing from aqueous reactants
- Support of disinfection (bacteria killing) in water and waste water treatment
- Acceleration of disintegration and/or degradation of organic pollutant material in the treatment of sewage sludge
- Disintegration of biogas substrate
- Support for the disinfection of germ- and parasite-contaminated fish-farming recirculating waters
- Dispersing solids in liquids (pharmaceutical production)

Additional information

Weight 58 kg
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Installation length [cm]

Flow rate [l/h]

Max. perm. pressure [bar]

Nominal ultrasonic power [W]

Power setting

Ultrasound frequency [kHz]

Operating voltage [V]

Outer dimension length [mm]

Outer dimension width [mm]

Outer dimension height [mm]

Degree of protection housing

Packing Length [mm]

Packing Width [mm]

Packing depth [mm]


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