Date Subject
28-02-2018 SONOPULS 4400 Ultrasonic homogeniser – extention of the product line
07-12-2017 Ultrasonic cleaning for EGR valves
03-11-2017 Extension springs – the new fixing aid of BANDELIN
04-04-2017 IP67 Ultrasonic Generator – The world’s first waterproof ultrasound generator for the use in humid and dusty environments
03-24-2017 Sound proof box LS 20 – accessory for SONOPULS ultrasonic homogenisers
01.09.2017 SONOREX DA 300 – High-power ultrasonic bath for sample preparation
04-14-2016 Intensive Ultrasonic Cleaning Reduces Operating Costs
03-17-2016 More ultrasonic power for process technology from BANDELIN
03.10.2016 SONOPULS series 4000
03-27-2015 Relaunch of the company website