SONOREX DA 300 – High-power ultrasonic bath for sample preparation

SONOREX DA 300 has not only been developed for cleaning, but specially for sample preparation. The induced ultrasound energy leads to the formation of finest cavitation bubbles in the liquid, which open up the sample material by high shear forces. With a particularly high specific ultrasonic power of 200 watts per liter, the ultrasonic bath enables an uniquely intensive sonication and thus achieves a distinct process reduction in the daily laboratory routine.

It can be used for homogenising, solving, dispersing, in food analysis as well as for sample preparation for subsequent analysis of industrial waste water. The device can also be used for cleaning of small parts of different shaped material.

DEGAS is a selectable pulse sound level for fast degassing of samples – subsequently samples are more rapidly available for analysis compared to others. Up to 5 reaction vessels dia. 12 mm and 4 reaction vessels up to dia. 23 mm can be placed into the special holder ER 0. SweepTec for permanent sound field oscillation ensures an even ultrasonic field and thus reproducible results.

The DA 300 is working at an ultrasonic frequency of 35 kHz. The sonication time can be set between 1 and 30 min or continuous operation. The adjustable power enables a reduced intensity for gentle sample preparation as well as a maximum sonication for ambitious and intensive homogenizing. The bath has a RS232 interface for data logging of sonication procedures.

The optimum sound coupling to the sample containers is achieved when the surface tension of the bath liquid is lowered by an ultrasonically compatible cleaning surfactant. We recommend our TICKOPUR cleaning agent range for the cleaning and as transfer liquid.

With these features and functions, the compact ultrasonic bath DA 300 opens up new possibilities for an increased efficiency of daily laboratory work.

front DA 300

back DA 300

The importantest information about DA 300 you will find in our flyer and in a press release: 

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press release DA 300 PDF download

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