Customized assemblies with ultrasonic oscillating systems

Tanks, sinks, plates, flanges and other elements made of metal can be directly equipped in a customized fashion with oscillating systems to be used for cleaning or for other sonication processes. Oscillating systems are glued to the external surfaces so that the irradiation efficiency is directed into the liquid or to an object placed within the liquid.

Just ask us to design your special application.

Foulard ponds for sonication of dye baths.

Probe flange of a refractometer for cleaning optical sensors during operation.

Polarimeter tube for analysis.

LG 1510 T

HF-Power from 50 W to 9000 W

Frequency 25 kHz or 40 KHz

Automatic control

TG 50/100

HF power up to 500 W Ultrasonic frequency 40 kHz or 25 kHz