Built-in units

  • Space-saving and simple mounting into the working plate thus free working area
  • Filling level mark for correct dosage
  • Inclined tank bottom for easier emptying from ZE 1031
  • Operating elements at front side
  • Hygienic maintenance through rounded tank and installation from below
  • Simple installation by means of screwing on
  • Appropriate for DIN- / ISO trays
Capacity (litres)29-46,029-46,0
Inclined tank Bottomyesyes
Ultrasonic transducers at the bottomZE 1031 DT/1058 DTZE 1031/1058
Ulterasonic transducers at the bottom and at the sideZE 1032 DT/1059 DTZE 1032 /1059
Control elementspush-buttonsturning knobs
Time setting (min)ST 30 DT:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 30 and continuous operation 
ST 15.1:
1-15 and continuous operation 
Safety shut-downafter 12 hoursno
Temperature controlyesno
Excess temperature signalyesno
Tank material, stainless steelAISI 316Ti, 2 mmAISI 316Ti, 2 mm
Filling level mark yesyes
Warranty period (years)22
Outletbead 1½”,
drain set G 1½ with bowden cable, optional
bead 1½”,
drain set G 1½ with bowden cable, optional
Rinsing tubs optionalyesyes
Ultrasonic frequency (kHz)3535
Oscillating systemsyesyes
Rapid degassing - DEGASyesno
Mains supply 230 V~ (± 10 %),yesyes
alternatively 115 V~ (± 10 %), 50/60 Hzyesyes
Data memory1 programno
Medical divice class Iyesyes

Ultrasonic Built-In Units with simultaneous irradiation from the bottom and from the side

  • Optimal distribution of sonic waves and reduction of ultrasound shadow through additional lateral irradiation
  • Electronically induced movements of sound field by means of TwinSonic® technology reduce local peaks of impact resulting in an even cleaning performance in the ultrasonic bath
  • No additional lifting gear required for the instrument basket, no additional space required within the working area
  • Intense and still gentle cleaning effect for micro instruments particularly damageable
  • Generators state-of-the-art with SweepTec® frequency automatic adapt the ultrasound effect continuously to conditions in the bath
  • Unvaried construction of tank border allows easy replacement of older built-in tanks

Effect of Cavitation

Illustration through foil test according to IEC/TR 60886 (1987-03) …

… in an ultrasonic bath with ultrasound effect from the bottom

… in an ultrasonic bath with ultrasound effect from the bottom and the side

Internal tank dimensions

CapacityModelCode No.Outlet

Ultrasonic peak output

Current consumption

(l × w × d)      
mmlitres   WA
510 × 300 × 200/22029,0ZE 10323075bead 1½"17602,0
510 × 300 × 200/22029,0ZE 1032 DT3223bead 1½"17602,0
600 × 400 × 200/22046,0ZE 10593085bead 1½"24002,7
600 × 400 × 200/22046,0ZE 1059 DT3248bead 1½"24002,7