Flat transducer plates – for space-saving installation

Flat transducer plates are installed into the side wall or into the tank bottom, if space is limited.
The nominal tank dimensions remain unchanged.

Flat transducer plates P

P 25 24 5

• Stainless steel housing of 2 mm, TIG welded
• Ultrasonic frequencies: 25 kHz or 40 kHz
• Drip-proof or hose-proof HF cable connections
• 10 different versions create a variety of applications

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Explosive plated compound ultrasound with extended life span


• Long life span caused by low erosion
• Stainless stee,l 3 mm
• High temperature stability up to 125 °C max.
• Suitable for pressure and vacuum applications
• New radiating characteristics
• Equal power along the entire surface
• Increased mechanical stability due to rugged design
• High reliability due to nonbonded transducers
• Ultrasonic frequencies: 25 kHz or 40 kHz
• Immersible transducers and flat transducer plates
are available in this technology

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