The ultrasonic cleaning technology is used in a wide range of applications.

In our application database you will find best-practice sample cleaning by our experts with important recommendations on the cleaning temperature, duration and the appropriate cleaning preparation.

For control of function from ultrasonic devices.

Cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments


Ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning tattoo accessories like tattoo needles and other machine accessories.

Ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning cosmetic accessories such as pigmentation needles, needle guides and other accessories.

Ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning piercing accessories like pliers, tweezers, needles and other accessories.

Ultrasonic cleaner for the preparation of podiatry instruments such as forceps, scissors, files, tweezers, tamponade stoppers and other instruments.

Cleaning of spark plugs of gas engines, CHPs, e.g. in biogas plants

Cleaning of printed circuit boards after production or maintenance

Cleaning of moneychangers and coin machines

Ultrasonic cleaner for the removal of soot and oil carbon.

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