Cleaning of respirators

After fire-fightings and fire drills used respirators can be contaminated with pathogenic germs or with dangerous substances.
Occurring contaminations and also cross contaminations on the respirators must be eliminated as fast as possible before next use. Beyond that the disinfection of the respirators is absolutely necessary in order to guarantee a protection of the mask carrier. An efficient and faultless functioning of the respirators in a further case of emergency as well as the prevention of health risks for the users and the long-term maintenance of value of the respirators are given top priority. In the ultrasonic bath, the cleaning is done quickly and thoroughly, so that the respiratory masks are ready for use again with little effort.

Respirator mask before cleaning process

Ultrasonic cleaning

Temperature: max. 50 °C

Duration: 10-15 mins

Cleaning Agent 

Cleaning only: TICKOPUR R 33 

Cleaning and disinfection: STAMMOPUR 24

Dosage: 1 % - 15 min

Respirator mask after cleaning process

SONOREX-ultrasonic baths are especially user-friendly. Combination of different SONOREX-series and the elaborated basket solutions including removable grills make it possible to treat depending on device 2–15 respirators at the same time.
The cleaning and disinfection concentrate used during the treatment process is of prior importance. The products TICKOPUR R 33 and
STAMMOPUR 24 have been especially developed to be used in an ultrasonic bath.