Ultrasonic cleaning of cosmetic accessories

In cosmetic procedures, the protection of health has the highest priority and is an aspect that continues to gain importance. During the procedure, e.g. when applying permanent make-up, the skin is injured by fine pricking, bringing with it an increased risk of infection. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases and in order to protect both client and pigmentation specialist, particular focus is placed on hygiene. Aside from disinfecting the surfaces of trays and furniture, the safe treatment of tools is essential. Small tools such as pigmenting needles, needle guides and other accessories can be cleaned and chemically disinfected in an ultrasonic bath. This process ensures the effective removal of contaminants such as blood, saliva and skin flakes. Treatment in an ultrasonic bath is gentle on the material, time-saving, and more economical in the long term than the use of single-use products.

Cleaning - Disinfection - Sterilisation

The use of an ultrasonic bath is recommended for the cleaning of instruments. The SONOREX RK 31 ultrasonic bath and TICKOPUR R 33 detergent, for example, are ideal for this purpose. After cleaning, the instruments are rinsed with tap water in order to remove any cleaning agent residue, and are carefully dried. Next, the instruments are disinfected using an appropriate disinfecting agent for instruments, and are sterilised in the final step (e.g. steam sterilisation).

As an alternative, STAMMOPUR 24 can be used for cleaning and chemical disinfection.

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Ultrasonic cleaning:
Device: SONOREX RK 31

Cleaning agent:
TICKOPUR R 33, Dosage: 5 %, 10 min

Cleaning and disinfection agent:
STAMMOPUR 24, Dosage: 1 %, 15 min

Rinsing: Municipal water, running

Drying: e.g. compressed air