Dosage calculator

The decisive factor for successful ultrasound use is the cleaning and/or disinfection agent used. Correct dosage of the concentrate is crucial.

If the dosage is too low, effectiveness of the product will be negatively affected. For this reason, particularly in medical applications, it should never be underdosed.

However, overdosage means unnecessary waste of the preparation.

You can avoid both situations with the dosage calculator and ensure that your ultrasound cleans effectively, economically, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

After entering the desired concentration and quantity of working solution to be prepared, the dosage calculator shows how much concentrate and water is required.

The concentration required depends on the application to be performed. Detailed information can be found in the instructions for use of the respective preparation.

The quantity of working solution refers to the operating volume of the respective device. The operating volume designates the filling volume of the tank up to the filling level mark. The operating volume of the device can be found in the respective operating instructions.

You can also download the complete dosage table here.