The SONOREX high power ultrasonic baths can be ordered with and without heating.

Sizes of ultrasonic baths:
from 0.9 to 90 litres

Modular ultrasonic baths for industry, service and maintenance purposes.

From a single cleaner to a complete cleaning line.

Size of the units:
from 13,0 to 230,0 litres

Accessories for ultrasonic baths.

The cleaning agents were specially developted for ultrasonic applications.

Space saving built-in units for disinfection and cleaning of instruments for group practices, decentralised and
centralised treatment.

Ultrasonic bath with countercurrent circulation for reconditioning of MIC- Instrumenst (also as built-in unit available).

Ultrasonic bath with individual channel rinsing and instrument movement for reconditioning of DaVinci Robotic intruments (also as built-in unit available).


High-power ultrasound in stainless steel cabinets with mobile flexibility in pre-cleaning.

Immersible transducers are used for sonication in large tanks or
sinks without modifying the exisiting equipment to a large extent.

Flat transducer plates are installed into the side wall or into the tank bottom, if space is limited.
The nominal tank dimensions remain unchanged.

For use in the process engineering and cleaning

Powerful high frequency generators to operate ultrasonic transducer systems.

For the use in lab and pilot scale application:

- Disruption of cells
- Emulsifying of hardly mixable liquids.
- Deagglomeration of nanoparticles in material research 
- Acceleration of chemical reactions
- Production of dispersions

Pipette and burettes cleaning

Ultrasonic device with cooling for use in pathology and analysis laboratories.

Ultrasonic bath combined with shaking device.

DA 300


High-power ultrasonic bath for sample preparation.

Intensive sonication by high ultrasonic power of 200 watts per liter.
Optimal tool for daily laboratory work.

Fast microbiological diagnostic method for implant-associated infections.

Customized assemblies with ultrasonic oscillating systems.

We are glad to help you with the choice of the matching ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning agent. 

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