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The SONOSHAKE offers a wide range of applications for sample preparation in many areas of analysis, e.g. in environmental and food analysis, as well as in medical diagnostics. Any sediment in the sample can be dissolved by defined sample can be dissolved by defined shaking. The additional ultrasound homogenises the sample.

Ultrasonic bath DT 1028 F

Those who already have a SONOREX DIGITEC DT 1028 F ultrasonic bath can easily retrofit it with the SA 1028 shaking attachment.

The samples can be sonicated in defined time as well as in continuous operation. Rapid degassing via DEGAS function is also possible. The shaking attachment allows gentle to strong horizontal movement up to a maximum of 20 mm through four different shaking frequencies. Both processes can be carried out simultaneously or separately. For example, pre-homogenisation can be achieved with a defined shaking frequency and final homogenisation with ultrasound in a significantly shorter time.

Rapid degassing

DEGAS - freely selectable impulse sound visible on LED display

Power setting

from 20% to 100%


for continuous sound field oscillation for even and gentle cleaning

Time setting

Time setting 1 - 15 min, ± 5 %, continuous operation (∞),

Water spray protection IP 33

due to permanently connected mains cable and liquid-tight housing front

Short-term ultrasound addition

automatic during heating to avoid boiling delay, can be switched off

SONOSHAKE Shaker Attachment SA 1028

  • Analogue setting of time and shaking frequency
  • Horizontal movement: adjustable in 4 steps
  • Constant amplitude 20 mm, regardless of the load
  • Easy removal of the roller carriage
  • Quick assembly of the mounting brackets
    EK 10 - 250 for laboratory flasks (order separately)
  • Shelf space for laboratory flasks approx. 410 x 280 mm (L × W)
  • Recording of
    • 36 × 10 ml flask
    • 36 × 25 ml flask
    • 18 × 50 ml flask
    • 12 × 100 ml flask
    • 10 × 250 ml flask
  • Total shelf space approx. 850 x 360 mm (L × W)

Ready-to-use set - order no. 3257




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