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An effective cleaning process for robotic instruments demonstrably comes about when, through permanent movement, the working tools and wire rope hoists
of the instrument can be optimally achieved by the ultrasound. TRISON is an innovative, modular ultrasonic bath for the intensive pre-cleaning of
high-quality medical instruments with a special focus on robotic instruments.

The new standard in pre-cleaning robotic instruments

The core of the TRISON is the innovative TRISON Twist movement unit for up to four robotic instruments. Special spring-loaded drivers engage the underside of the instruments and move them during sonication. The surgical working tools are rotated and actuated at the tip for an all-round ultrasound effect. Integrated slip clutches prevent damage to the delicate cable pulls and drive rollers.

In addition, the cleaning process is supported by a permanent flushing of the instruments. For this purpose, the instruments are connected to the rinsing circuit of the TRISON Base control unit via hoses. Impurities that are sucked off go directly into the replaceable filter and thus do not get back into the bath fluid. Various test series with real contaminated instruments and additionally with standardised test contaminants confirm the effectiveness of the new TRISON cleaning concept.

A perfect fit

Design adapted to robotic instruments

Easy to assemble

Simple instrument connection

Flexible use

flexible, space-saving arrangement at the workplace through various mounting options


improved cleaning through combination of ultrasound, rinsing and movement for Robotic instruments

Easy handling

Ergonomic, hygienic operation

Protocol function

Documentation through protocol printing


through individual instrument rinsing and testing


for robotic instruments, but can also be used for rinsable MIC and standard instruments


The right peripherals for every application

Ultrasonic bath especially for robotic instruments

The TRISON ultrasonic oscillating tank with its dimensions is specially designed for very long robotic instruments. The powerful ultrasonic oscillating systems distributed along the powerful ultrasonic oscillating systems distributed on the bottom and side, the ultrasound optimally reaches drive adapters, instrument shafts and the working tools at the tip, and possible acoustic shadows are avoided. The TRISON ultrasonic generator is equipped with sweep to minimise standing waves and ensure the most homogeneous ultrasonic intensity distribution possible.

Individual instrument rinsing and testing for even more safety

During sonication, each instrument is individually released for rinsing and checked for flow by a patented system (DE 20 2006 020 523). Instruments that cannot be rinsed are reliably detected and displayed on the touchscreen on the touch screen at the end of the process. The integrated process monitoring for the determination, The integrated process monitoring system for determining, assigning and clearly displaying the successful rinsability of each individual instrument provides more safety during reprocessing.

Simple instrument connection

Up to four robotic instruments are fixed on the TRISON Twist by a simple click mechanism - an additional basket is not necessary. The connection to the rinsing circuit is made via a two-pin plug per instrument. With the help of the TRISON Rack basket, up to eight MIC instruments can be connected for irrigation via the proven SONOMIC adapters. The connection to the TRISON Base control unit is made quickly and without confusion via two multi-tube couplings.

Ergonomically designed user interface, hygienic touchscreen operation Touchscreen operation

When designing the TRISON, particular emphasis was placed on ergonomics and usability in the intended working environment of a CSSD / AEMP. of a CSSD / AEMP. The device is operated via an easy-to-clean touchscreen. touch screen. The user-friendly operating software contains many self-explanatory images and dispenses with cumbersome operating texts. complicated operating texts.

Temperature monitoring with warning function

In the programmes for cleaning MIS and robotic instruments, an internal temperature sensor checks whether the temperature of the bath fluid is within the permissible range. is within the permissible range. When cleaning standard instruments in the standard basket, a separate temperature sensor is required for this. Depending on the cleaning preparation used, the user can define temperature limits to ensure an optimal cleaning process.

TRISON 4000 for cleaning Xi and Si da Vinci robotic instruments

We have put together an overview of sample cleanings to help you carry out optimal ultrasonic cleaning. Please visit our Youtube channel for more videos.




The BANDELIN cleaning baskets are designed in such a way that the items to be cleaned are always in the optimum area of the cavitation field (1-2 cm from the bottom) in the tub.


A matching stainless steel lid for an ultrasonic bath protects the bath fluid from external contamination and prevents odours from the added cleaning or disinfecting preparations.

Special accessories

For the expansion of our ultrasonic baths, we offer suitable accessories for the fields of medicine, laboratory and industry.

Special accessories

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