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SONOREX PR 140 DH pipette cleaner

Clean and, above all, grease-free glass surfaces are a prerequisite for correct volume measurement: The liquid to be measured must run off the glass wall well and must not form droplets. Short cleaning times - no time-consuming washing. The device is also suitable for plastic pipettes, burettes and other glassware. 

Ultrasonic bath for cleaning volumetric instruments up to a length of 755mm

  • For glass volumetric instruments as well as long parts up to 755 mm length
  • With heater to help remove greasy residues
  • Frequency modulation "sweep" for a very homo- genous ultrasonic field; surfaces of the glassware are protected; an attack of the graduation and a glass abrasion are almost avoided, the process of a volume change of the glassware, compared to manual cleaning with rough sponges or brushes, is strongly reduced
  • Placement on the floor near a drain possible
  • Simultaneous cleaning and disinfection with STAMMOPUR 24 in case of contamination with infectious samples
  • Biodegradable preparations TICKOPUR for gentle removal of stubborn grease residues (R 33) or mineral impurities (TR 3)
  • Cleaning fluids can be used several times
  • Stainless steel tray made of 1.4301 (1.5 mm material thickness)
  • Folding handles for easier transport
  • Control panel - membrane keypad - flat and flush with the front of the unit - easy wipe cleaning of the unit surface
  • Time, DEGAS and optionally temperature, can be selected - even with a glove - at the touch of a button
  • Drain with ball valve

Special design

Gentle cleaning of glass volumetric instruments and parts up to a length of 755 mm

High durability

welded trough 1.4301, material thickness 1.5 mm

Easy transport

Tilt handles for easier transport, placement on the floor near the drain possible


Adjustable temperature range 20 - 80 °C

Time setting

Time setting 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,30 min or continuous operation (∞)


The robust stainless steel housing is easy to clean and protected against dripping water

Digital control unit

Ergonomically designed user interface, hygienic touchscreen operation

Ready-to-use set - order no. 2070


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