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Recirculating air dryer UT

The items to be cleaned are dried after rinsing to quickly remove the residual moisture.

Circulating air dryer UT, for appliance ranges RM 16.2 to RM 75.2

The circulating air dryer not only offers efficient and time-saving drying, but also fast further processing of the cleaned components. Thanks to its high compatibility with the modular RM ultrasonic baths, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes or cleaning lines. Available in three sizes (UT 16, UT 40, UT 75), it offers flexibility for different requirements and quantities. Direct loading via the MB lifting device enables a smooth process, with cleaning, rinsing and drying perfectly coordinated.

Available in different sizes

Rapid operational readiness

Cleaning, rinsing, drying - perfectly coordinated from a single source

Maximum compatibility with the modular RM ultrasonic baths

Short drying time

Direct loading via lifting device MB possible

Cold air/ambient air Heating

Warm and humid air heated air


The functional principle

The circulating air dryer is used to dry cleaned and rinsed workpieces. The heated air is directed onto the objects to be dried via air ducts. This ensures time-saving drying even of parts with a high level of water adhesion. The circulating air is drawn in at the bottom of the tray via a fan and discharged into the drying chamber via the side walls. A small proportion of the circulating air flow is always exchanged via the appliance, which is open at the top. The ability of the circulating air to absorb moisture is thus maintained. Insulation made of aluminium-coated glass fibre mats guarantees time-saving heating of the drying chamber and efficient operation.

Combination example

All peripheral devices can be combined with our ultrasonic baths in a modular configuration or integrated into individual cleaning lines for a highly efficient cleaning process.

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