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The SONOMIC ultrasonic bath was specially developed for the reprocessing of up to 12 rinsable MIS instruments and is available as the MC 1001 ultrasonic bath.

MIS instrument preparation with ultrasound

A new feature of the SONOMIC is that each instrument can be disinfected, cleaned and tested separately via its own adapter by repeated suction rinsing from the distal end. With the identical adapters, rinsable MIS instruments with diameters of 3 to 10 mm can be connected without having to change seals. The addition of ultrasound during the suction rinsing processes and during external disinfection sustainably enhances the disinfection and cleaning effect. The unit is operated via a touch screen that provides information about the current work step and the overall result. The user receives clear instructions that guide him through the individual work steps in the operating programme.

A check integrated in the operating programme controls the continuity of each individual instrument; instruments that are not continuous are reliably identified. For quick draining of used bath fluid and for complete emptying, the SONOMIC has an inclined tank bottom and a welded-in G ¾ outlet with ball valve.


Short-term ultrasound addition

automatic during heating to avoid boiling delay, can be switched off

Digital control unit

Ergonomically designed user interface, hygienic touchscreen operation


Temperature and level monitoring

Reproducible programme sequence

Temperature monitoring with warning function Log function

A perfect fit

Available as table-top or built-in unit

Flexible use

Versatile use: can be used for robotic instruments, but also for rinsable MIC and standard instruments


Patented universal adapter for the connection of instruments up to 10 mm diameter

Water outlet

the SONOMIC has an inclined tank bottom and a welded-in G ¾ spout with ball valve

Protocol function

Documentation through protocol printing

Individual instrument testing instead of overall testing

If different MIS instruments are rinsed at the same time, the rinsing result for individual instruments cannot be controlled. In the SONOMIC, this problem is solved with the innovative channel selector (patent EP 19 20 797). It activates only one instrument at a time for rinsing and thus enables individual flow control. The minimum flow rate is 2 ml/s at 0.8 bar negative pressure, otherwise the instrument is identified as "not continuous" and displayed on the touch screen. This process monitoring with determination, allocation and clear display of the successful rinsability of each individual instrument provides more safety during reprocessing.

SONOMIC suction flushing compared to pressure flushing from other suppliers

As a rule, most of the contamination collects at the distal end of the MIS instruments. In comparable devices from other manufacturers, all MIS instruments are rinsed with pressure from the distal end. In the process, contaminants are carried through the entire lumen of the instruments, which poses an increased risk of unwanted deposits, especially at constrictions in the area of the handles and other difficult locations of the instruments. The direct discharge of the dissolved contaminants into the bath fluid is to be regarded as a further negative effect. The suction-rinsing function (patent DE 20 2006 020 523) of the SONOMIC at the distal ends of the instruments removes contamination against the direction of penetration, at the same time fresh cleaning solution flows in. Unnecessary contamination of the rear lumen parts of the instruments is thus avoided. The suctioned off impurities get into the exchangeable filter via the adapters and thus do not get back into the bath fluid.
Sonimic suction rinsing
Pressure flushing from other suppliers
Twisting principle of the adapter seal

Instrument connection to universal adapter without seal change

Twelve rinsable MIS instruments with diameters from 3 to 10 mm can each be connected to one of the identical adapters in the SONOMIC without having to change the adapter seal. The innovative twisting principle of the seal (patent EP 19 20 727) guarantees a complete seal on the outer shaft of the instruments. The highly elastic sealing material is ultrasonically tested and resistant to the preparations STAMMOPUR R and STAMMOPUR DR 8. Maintenance-related seal replacement is only necessary after approx. 500 load cycles and can be carried out very easily by the user without tools due to the adapter design.

SONOMIC ultrasonic cleaning bath for the reprocessing of MIS instruments

We have put together an overview of sample cleanings to help you carry out optimal ultrasonic cleaning. Please visit our Youtube channel for more videos.

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The BANDELIN cleaning baskets are designed in such a way that the items to be cleaned are always in the optimum area of the cavitation field (1-2 cm from the bottom) in the tub.


A matching stainless steel lid for an ultrasonic bath protects the bath fluid from external contamination and prevents odours from the added cleaning or disinfecting preparations.

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For the expansion of our ultrasonic baths, we offer suitable accessories for the fields of medicine, laboratory and industry.

Special accessories

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