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For use in laboratories and pilot plants, we produce ultrasonic homogenisers with accessories for the respective applications, both for routine operation and for use in research. The homogenisers have been used successfully for over 25 years for sample preparation in waste water and soil analysis, for cell disruption, for emulsification, for reaction acceleration or for the production of the finest emulsions. High-performance ultrasonic baths used in the laboratory are not only used for thorough cleaning of laboratory glassware, but also for effective homogenisation of samples.


Compact ultrasonic baths

The SONOREX high-performance ultrasonic baths are manufactured in series with or without heating.

SONOREX compact ultrasonic baths

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Shaking attachment

Due to the simultaneous sonication and shaking movement, the SONOSHAKE offers optimal reproducibility, especially for the analysis of particulate samples.

SONOSHAKE Shaker Attachment

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PR 140 DH
Pipette cleaner

The SONOREX pipette cleaner removes dirt and encrustations from long glass parts such as pipettes or burettes using ultrasound.

Pipette cleaner
PR 140 DH

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Ultrasonic bath with cooling

The SONOCOOL ultrasonic bath enables sample sonication at a constant low temperature. The thermal energy introduced by the ultrasound is effectively dissipated.

Sonocool ultrasonic bath with cooling

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Biofilm sonification bath

With the help of the BactoSonic ultrasonic special bath, biofilms can be gently removed from the surface of an infected implant.

Biofilm sonification bath

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For homogenising, deagglomerating, emulsifying, suspending, accelerating chemical reactions as well as for slurrying cells, bacteria, fungi or spores.

SONOPULS homogenisers

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Sample preparation

The samples available after sampling are usually not suitable in their original form for performing instrumental analysis methods on them. In sample preparation, the analyte must be converted into a homogeneously dissolved form by means of ultrasound.


Gases diffused into the cavitation bubbles from the liquid are released abruptly during the cyclic implosion of the cavitation bubbles and float up to the liquid surface. The liquid is degassed accordingly.


Dispersing is the term used to describe the homogenisation of substances or also the optimal mixing. Dispersing by means of ultrasound achieves the ideal state of individually present primary particles that are wetted with binder.


Ultrasonic homogenisation is a mechanical process to break up and distribute particles in a liquid so that a uniform, homogeneous suspension is produced.

Cell disruption

The cavitation bubbles generated by ultrasound create high shear forces that break up the cells. The desired degree of disintegration is set by varying the duration of the sonication.


Fine cavitation bubbles are generated in the cleaning fluid by means of ultrasound. The cyclic implosion of these bubbles on the cleaning object effectively removes contamination.

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