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 Ultrasonic baths for reprocessing medical instruments. Space-saving and easy installation in the worktop.

Advantages of built-in bathrooms

  • Control element on the front
  • Ultrasound generators can be used both on the right and
    also mounted on the left-hand side in the base unit
  • Suitable for 1/1 DIN baskets from ZE 1031 and also
    for ISO baskets in ZE 1058 / DT
  • Built-in bath with ultrasound and rinsing tub without
    - an option to expand your
  • Existing built-in trays with floor sound only
    can be achieved through the unchanged tub rim.
    Design can be replaced without problems

Rapid degassing

DEGAS - freely selectable impulse sound visible on LED display

Safety shutdown

automatically 12 hours after last keystroke (DT-ZE-)

ready for use

only the power supply and the drain line have to be connected before commissioning

User-friendly handling

A user-friendly and easy-to-wipe button control is used to easily set the cleaning time and bath temperature

Water outlet

Drain fitting G 1½ with Bowden cable


SONOBOARD offers high resilience to scratches and impacts and is extremely resistant to chemicals


for continuous sound field oscillation for even and gentle cleaning

Medical device class I

Low invasiveness and low risk

Built-in units with simultaneous floor and side noise

  • Optimum sound distribution and reduction of sound shadows due to additional side sound
  • Electronically generated sound field movements through TwinSonic® technology reduce local effect peaks and thus ensure uniform disinfection and cleaning in the ultrasonic bath
  • No additional oscillation required for the instrument basket, no additional space required in the working area
  • intensive and gentle cleaning effect for particularly sensitive micro instruments
  • Latest generator technology with SweepTec constantly adapts the ultrasonic effect to the bath conditions
  • Unchanged bathtub rim design allows problem-free replacement of older built-in bathtubs




The BANDELIN cleaning baskets are designed in such a way that the items to be cleaned are always in the optimum area of the cavitation field (1-2 cm from the bottom) in the tub.


A matching stainless steel lid for an ultrasonic bath protects the bath fluid from external contamination and prevents odours from the added cleaning or disinfecting preparations.

Special accessories

For the expansion of our ultrasonic baths, we offer suitable accessories for the fields of medicine, laboratory and industry.

Special accessories

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