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Dosing calculator

Calculate the concentrate content for the preparation of ready-to-use solutions of disinfectants & cleaning agents.

The right ratio decides

The detergent and/or disinfectant used is decisive for a successful ultrasonic application. The correct dosage of the concentrate is decisive.

Too low a dosage has a negative effect on the effectiveness of the product. Therefore, especially for medical applications, never underdose.

However, an overdose means an unnecessary waste of the preparation.

With the dosing calculator you can avoid both and clean effectively as well as economically and environmentally friendly ultrasonically.

After entering the desired concentration and the amount of working solution to be prepared, the concentrate calculator shows how much concentrate and water is needed.

The required concentration depends on the application to be carried out. You will find precise information on the instructions for use of the respective preparation.

The amount of working solution refers to the working content of the existing unit. The working content refers to the filling quantity of the tub up to the filling level mark. The working content of the unit can be found in the respective instructions for use.

Download the table here .
Desired concentration of the working solution (%)
Desired quantity of working solution (L)

Calculation example: 1 litre of a 0.75% working solution is composed of 7.5 ml concentrate and 992.5 ml water.

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