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Sonorex Digitec DT

The new generation of Sonorex ultrasonic baths with an LED display for set and actual temperature. Timer with minute selection or continuous operation and LED display of remaining time

The new generation

  • Full operating and display comfort with all unit sizes
  • Logical key operation with clear symbols
  • Warning LED for overtemperature
  • DEGAS - freely selectable impulse sound - visible on the LED display
  • Medical device class I
  • Quality management in manufacturing according to EN ISO 13485
  • SweepTec for continuous sound field oscillation for even and gentle cleaning
  • Filling level marking for safe dosing
  • One-piece welded outlet bend
  • Vibrating systems with high efficiency

Digital control unit

Ergonomically designed user interface, hygienic touchscreen operation

Water spray protection IP 33

due to permanently connected mains cable and liquid-tight housing front

Medical device class I

Cleaning of medical instruments

Time setting

Time setting 1 - 15 min, ± 5 %, continuous operation (∞),


for continuous sound field oscillation for even and gentle cleaning


Serial interface and remote control connection for external control of the generator

WINSONIC-DT remote control

The PC programme in connection with the infrared adapter IR 1, the comfortable operation and monitoring of the DIGITEC ultrasonic baths via USB connection. The status window provides an up-to-date overview of the operating states. Start time, stop time and the respective bath temperatures are automatically recorded in log files. This makes it possible to document the cleaning process for quality assurance purposes.

WINSONIC-DT remote control
Order no. 3090
consisting of infrared adapter IR 1 and software CD

Interface for laboratory automation

The RS 232 data interface to the laboratory computer allows individual control and monitoring tasks and integration into an automated laboratory line.
The data protocol is disclosed and described in detailed application information.
The infrared adapter IR 1 is used for the connection.

Infrared adapter IR 1
Order no. 3623


Product overview

Capacity [l]
0,0L - 100,0L
Length [mm]
0mm - 1100mm
Width [mm]
0mm - 540mm
Height [mm]
0mm - 550mm
US rated power [W]
0W - 600W
Heat output [W]
0W - 1950W




The BANDELIN cleaning baskets are designed in such a way that the items to be cleaned are always in the optimum area of the cavitation field (1-2 cm from the bottom) in the tub.


A matching stainless steel lid for an ultrasonic bath protects the bath fluid from external contamination and prevents odours from the added cleaning or disinfecting preparations.

Special accessories

The use of suitable accessories facilitates the ultrasonic application and at the same time protects the oscillating tank and the items to be cleaned.

Special accessories

To the accessories


Application examples