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Ultrasonic bath with cooling for use in analytical laboratories and pathologies

Ultrasonic cleaner for versatile applications

The SONOCOOL ultrasonic bath is intended for use in laboratories and facilities for industrial and scientific research as well as material testing institutes. With the bath, it is possible to use the catalytic effect of ultrasound in processes for which simultaneous cooling is required. Heat-sensitive samples are protected by the cooling function, and process sequences can be designed faster and more effectively than with conventional methods.

Compact & Powerful

Small ultrasonic bath for large applications

air-cooled cooling unit

Lighter, more efficient and economical

High durability

welded trough 1.4404, material thickness 2 mm

Adjustable bath temperature

4 - 40 °C at 20°C ambient temperature

Individual parameter variation

Time, temperature, power and thus adaptation to the respective sample body

Glass lid

Sample observation and easy cleaning

Examples for use in the laboratory

  • Constant temperature conditions required
  • Sample preparation for subsequent analysis
  • z. e. Determination of chemical and biological agents (especially chromium (VI) analysis)
  • Dissolution of solids in solvent and degassing of eluent
  • Advantage: temperature-sensitive materials are not destroyed/attacked

Order no.

  • 3500032 - 230 V plug CEE 7/7
  • 3500032-GB - 230 V plug BS 1363
  • 3500032-CH - 230 V plug T 12 type J

Examples of application in pathology

  • Acceleration of decalcification of femoral head preparations, tibial shaft preparations, osteosarcomas.
  • Acceleration of decalcification of dental hard tissue for histopathological preparation
  • Advantage: significant reduction of decalcification times without negative influence on the quality of the preparation and improvement of the cutting quality

Order no.

  • 3500031 - 230 V plug CEE 7/7
  • 3500031-GB - 230 V plug BS 1363
  • 3500031-CH - 230 V plug T 12 type J


Example applications