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Cleaning discus knives

Ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning discus knives.

The use of cutting tools in food processing poses a particular challenge, especially with adhesive substrates. Dough deposits form in the fine saw teeth, for example, which restrict the cutting ability and pose a hygienic risk. Cleaning with a hand brush or high-pressure jet leads to insufficient results and poses a high cutting risk for the plant operator. In addition, improper, rough cleaning poses the risk of damage to the cutting edges.

High-performance ultrasound is used to clean the cutting tools intensively and gently. Even the finest surface structures can be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning without leaving any residue.

Dough knife_before_ultrasonic_cleaning_1 Pastry_knife_after_ultrasonic_cleaning_1

Ultrasound cleaning

Temperature: 60 °C

Duration: 10-15 mins

Cleaning preparation:


Concentration: 5 %

Example application in the video

We have put together an overview of sample cleanings for you to carry out an optimal US cleaning.

For every application the right


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