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Oil separator OX

For separating oils and greases, to extend the service life of the bath. Especially suitable in combination with demulsifying cleaners.


Oil separator for removing floating oil and grease from cleaning fluids

Oil separators are used to extend the service life of aqueous cleaning fluids. The cleaning performance remains stable over a long period of time and contamination during parts removal due to floating oil and grease is avoided. oils and greases is avoided. This system not only helps to reduce the cost of cleaning agents cleaning agents, but also supports the environmental environmental compatibility of the cleaning process. The oil separator can be easily combined with any of our SONOREX TECHNIK ultrasonic baths.

Integrated buffer tank

Integrated filtration

Saving on water and cleaning products

Reduction of bath changes

Clear status display

The functional principle

The OX oil separator increases the service life and effectiveness of aqueous cleaning liquids by precisely separating oils and greases from the cleaning liquid. The mixture of oil and cleaning fluid is removed from the Ultrasonic cleaning bath (1) about the Overflow pocket (2) to the first chamber of the Oil separator (3) is channelled. Here, due to the force of gravity, the oil is Coalescing plates (4) from the aqueous phase.

This does not fall below the waste water limit values. The remaining liquid flows into the second chamber at the bottom and rises there according to the communicating tubes (5) on. The second chamber contains a Immersion pump (6)that passes the liquid through a Fine filter (7) back to the Ultrasonic bath (1) pumps.

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