Decontamination when sending in ultrasonic baths, devices and their accessories

In order to avoid infections or contamination of our employees, we require the following during the
Submission of ultrasonic baths, equipment and their accessories, used or unused, which are
"Certificate of decontamination". According to the accident prevention regulation BGV A1, §2 we have
"... take measures to prevent ... health hazards (to employees) ...".
Applicable regulations are the Workplace Ordinance ArbStättV and the Medical Device Directive

Before sending in, ultrasonic baths, equipment and their accessories must therefore be inspected in accordance with the applicable
decontaminate, i.e. clean and, if necessary, disinfect.
Decontamination (cleaning and, if necessary, disinfection) must be carried out using the form "Bescheinigung der
Decontamination" must be documented. The signed certificate is to be visibly attached to the outside of the
packaging of the consignment.

"Certificate of Decontamination" download here.

In case of incomplete or missing "Certificate of Decontamination" at the
Packaging of the consignment, we reserve the right to refuse acceptance for the protection of the employees.
before. We will arrange for the return at the sender's expense.

For the requirement of decontamination (cleaning and, if necessary, disinfection) of ultrasonic baths,
-The reason for sending in the equipment and its accessories is irrelevant. The submission can
for return, inspection, maintenance, repair or from a loan position. For all those involved in the
The persons involved in the handling of the contaminated consignment must always
a health hazard. For example, the contamination may have been caused by:

Residues of infectious material, body fluids or medicinal products from the field of medicine
Corrosive, toxic, biohazardous (microorganisms) or radioactive substances from other areas.

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