Advantages of using demulsifying cleaners for oil and grease separation

Demulsifying or fast-separating cleaners are used in areas such as industrial parts cleaning where oils or heavily oily contaminants as well as greases are to be removed in ultrasonic baths. The oil or grease is separated from the water phase of the cleaning solution after detachment from the material surface - in contrast to emulsifying cleaning preparations.
The oily and greasy components float on the surface of the bath and can be quickly and continuously removed from the ultrasonic cleaner. This avoids re-contamination of the cleaned parts when they are removed from the ultrasonic bath. Demulsification prolongs the service life of the cleaning solution, as the active ingredients of the cleaner are only bound to a small extent by the contaminants and are thus available again and again. The formation of an oil-water emulsion in the entire ultrasonic cleaner is prevented.

An oil separator OX can be optionally connected to the SONOREX TECHNIK industrial baths of the RM or ZM series. Floating oil and grease layers are led via the overflow pocket of the modular unit into the oil separator, where they are separated from the cleaning solution by gravity; the cleaned bath solution is recirculated.

The following demulsifying, highly concentrated TICKOPUR cleaning preparations are recommended: 


surfactant-free, non-foaming,

gentle on the material,

Mildly alkaline, pH 9.9 at 1 %

General soiling,

Oils, fats, distillation residues,

Organic and inorganic

Residues, etc.

Especially for analytics and laser technology,

Steel, precious and light metals, ceramics,

Plastic, rubber, glass, optical



gentle on the material, with

Corrosion protection,

Mildly alkaline, pH 8.9 at 1 %

gentle on the material, with

Corrosion protection,

Mildly alkaline, pH 8.9 at 1 %

Oils, fats, waxes, pigments,

Fluxes, solder pastes, drilling, grinding,

Polishing and lapping residues, etc. 

Metal, glass, ceramic, plastic,

Rubber, solder frame


phosphate- and silicate-free,

not for light metals, tin, zinc,

alkaline, pH 11.9 at 1 %

Resins, coking residues,

Soot, oils, greases, waxes, pigments,

Paint fogging, drilling, grinding, polishing and

Lapping residues, etc.

Steel, stainless steel, glass, ceramics,

Plastic, rubber


gentle on the material, with

Corrosion protection,

weakly acidic, pH 3.6 at 1 %

Mineral residues, flash rust,

Greases, oils, waxes, pigments, drilling,

Grinding, polishing and lapping residues, etc. 

Metal, glass, ceramic, plastic,


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